Zuva Martens

Comedian | (Voice) Actor | Writer


Take your first steps into the world of stand-up comedy with Zuva Martens’ introductory course. Joke writing, stage presence, microphone technique and much more are explored.

Learn the fundamentals over the course of 7 weeks or in 3 hours! Longform courses are ideal for cultural institutions and universities offering extracurricular activities, and shortform courses are perfect for corporate workshops.

Not sure about stand-up? Try the improv course! Unlock your creativity on the spot and find out what ‘Yes, And!’ really means.

As a multi-published joke writer for panelists of BBC Two’s Mock the Week, and with a decade in comedy experience, Zuva Martens is an expert teacher.

If you are interested, contact us for more information.


Honestly, I always wanted to perform stand-up and this course was able to teach me in a short time, all the basics. It was a real experience, I am really grateful to have taken part in it. Zuva is a great teacher.

- Chris Moukarzel

Really cool class, I recommend it to anyone who is curious.

- Angeliki Pantazi

Zuva was an amazing teacher. He got us to love stand up comedy even more. Really nice show, really nice host. Thank you.

- Melina Timplalexi

Really enjoyed the course Zuva gave at the Radboud University. In 7 short weeks, he gave us the basics of stand up and organized a showcase where we could all perform for 5 minutes. Very enjoyable experience altogether and I can only recommend it for anyone even remotely interested!

- Michael Bendersky

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